A film school graduate from Boston University, Billy always knew he was designed for great things, he just didn't realize they would be taking Justin Timberlake's house and making him cry, making Drake think he was in an earthquake, convincing Taylor Swift that she blew up a boat—and in the process, becoming the most sought-out director in his field by reviving the tired hidden-camera format with a fresh and hip style, bringing a new perspective to comedy through the eyes of ‘real’ people in 'real' situations.
Before “reality TV” (aka “alternative” television) even had a name, Billy was there on the ground floor of a revolution. He directed the first ‘reality’ television show, The Real World, and after helming several seasons, parlayed his talents into producing and directing his own shows, including MTV’s Making the Video, which spawned a multitude of spin-offs and gave him the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most recognized A-list talent including Beyonce, Janet Jackson, No Doubt and *N’Sync, among others.
Being in the thick of this nascent industry coming into its own, and having the celebrity relationships he had, Billy carved out a unique niche of humorous storytelling with a little, award-winning show called Punk’d (which he helped create with Ashton Kutcher). Not only did Punk’d transform the way we view television, but it was the vehicle that led Billy into the commercial advertising world.
Since becoming a commercial director, Billy has quickly put his unique set of skills to work, shooting multiple hidden-camera campaigns for high-end clients including Burger King, Vitamin Water, Exxon, Buick and the NCAA.
Billy continues to show run for major television networks including MTV and Comedy Central, and works in both long and short form, from traditional advertising to new media content. No matter the medium or platform, at their core, Billy’s work always consists of real people with well-told stories and good humor.